IT Services

Rapid technological development makes it imperative for all aspiring to be in the market that have a technological services suited to the rapid development of these sciences, especially in the energy sector and therefore the company has signed several agreements with official and international companies, universities, oil and consulting firms that contributes to providing these solutions to those services and that have teams specialized scientific and relevant after a scientific associate and lecturer in scientific world.

Due to the belief of the importance of IT Services GPS opened a specialized department to search for this key technology to contribute to the qualitative development of the oil services and others to keep up with modern science is a strategic goal for each ambitious company in the competition and presence in the local market, regional and global levels and therefore, we can offer such onsite services to various universities, scientific institutes and enterprises that have the depth of scientific and specialty collectors Ancient roots, and have the prospects to meet the challenges and find solutions and alternatives to address the flaws and shortcomings and to keep abreast of development.