OCTG and Accessories

We are supplying tubing, casings, drill pipes, pup joints, drill collars, crossovers, HDD rods and associated premium tubular products and other OCTG accessories.

Tubing SMLS and ERW

We supply tubing in various ranges, grades, color identification and types, threaded with API and Premium connections (SMLS) for various working conditions (high temperature and pressure, offshore and sour services, etc.)
Drill Pipes and Production Pipe

We supply both from ex-stock or directly from the Mill, a wide variety of new and premium drill-pipes, drill collars, heavy weight and subs for application in the oil and gas exploration and production industry in all sizes and upset ends.1. Specification : API 5D and other Specifications2. Dimensions : OD 2 3/8" - 6 5/8"3. Length : up to 15' (4.57M) 4. With friction-welded tool joints, according to API or in VAM design 5. Classified yellow band and premium class in grades E-75, X 95, G-105 and S-135 6. We can also supply the drill pipe with friction welded Tool Joints, ready for use.

1. Production, work over and drilling riser
2. Dimensions : OD up to 26"
Drill Stem products, Collars and Pup Joints

Accessories, Drill Bits, Drill Collars, HDD Rods, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Pony Drill Collars Pup Joints Drill Collars, Spiral Drill Collars
Production and Structural Pipes: Casing, Rods, Tubing OCTG Accessories, Pup Joints, Crossovers, Lifting Subs. Torques, Wellheads, X-Mas- Trees, Packers, Valves, Collars

Algoma, Dalmine, Grant- Prideco, Hydril, IPSCO, JEF Steel, Mannesmann, Maverick, Nippon Steel, NKK Corp, Petrotub, Prudential, Siderca, Tamsa, Tenaris, Thyssen, Tianjin, VAM Group, Weatherford