Drilling Equipment and Accessories

DSJ specializes in the supply of a range of premium quality drilling Equipment and accessories. We supply the most innovative and technically advanced API Equipment with long run life contributing to overall drilling efficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types.

  • Drill Bits,
  • Handling Tools,
  • Casing Handling Equipment,
  • Oilfield Hoses,
  • Hoses, rotary, standpipe, all steel,
  • Toque Converters,
  • Air Compressors,
  • BOPs
  • Temperature indicators/ recorders,
  • Wireline,
  • Wall Scratchers, Borehole
  • Fishing Tools & Downhole Equipment
  • Mud Treating Equipment,
  • Drilling Strings,
  • Rig Tools,
  • Kelly and Casing Tongs, Drilling Rig,
  • Manifolds, Well Head,
  • Oil Rig Derrick Substructures
  • Pumps, slush, Pup joints
  • Remote Controls
  • Mechanicals
  • Solids control, Drilling mud treatment,
  • Valves, Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Derricks,
  • Engines & Parts
  • General Drilling Machinery and Equipment
  • Cementing Equipment
  • Casing Accessories
  • Production Equipment

  • Other Equipments:

    Belts, Chain, Chokes, Core Barrels, Emulsifiers, ESP Cable, ESP Cable, Protectors, Forged Steel, Fittings, Flanges, Gauges, Generators, Hammer Unions, Hoses, Weight Indicators, Light Plants, Lubricants, Mills Window, Motors Diesel, Motors Electric, Mud Screens, Pig Launchers & Receivers Pipe, Line Plugs, Power Swivels, Rotary Tables, Rubber Products, Safety Equipment, Separators, Shale Shakers, Tanks, Valves Globe/Ball/Butterfly/Gate/Needle, Welding Equipment, Whip Stocks, Wire Line Equipment, Wire Rope, Work Clothing

    National-Oilwell, FMC, GE, Varco, McDermott, Weatherford, Varel, Reed, Smith, Security, Bakerhughes, DPI, Precision Trimax, BOMCO, ZPEC