Our Policies

Human Resources Policy:

GPS considers "Human resources" as its main source of capital, and continually endeavors at creating a sense of belonging, encourages innovation and cooperation. GPS appreciates its human resources by:
  • Encouraging innovators, originators and pioneers
  • Celebrating success
  • Continuous training of employees
  • Minimizing of bureaucracy
  • Retaining qualified forces while continuously attempting to improve them
  • Cooperation and collaboration of the personal and taking advantage of their experiences
  • Exchanging views with co-workers and sharing their experiences
  • Encouraging flow of non-confidential information within the organization
  • Management Policy:

    The most important task for GPS as a General Contractor is to update its project management techniques via:
  • Creating and Assigning work to qualified contractors
  • Allocating separate departments within the organizational structure for the execution of each project
  • Utilizing reliable information systems as well as refined data banks
  • Emphasizing on an integrated project management system
  • Partnership and transfer of know how with successful international oil and gas companies
  • Preserving and transferring information and lessons learned
  • Increasing the domestic share and involvement within projects
  • Our HSEQ Policy:

    In the pursuit of our overall business objectives, the goal of everyone who works in our business shall be:
  • To protect and maintain the Health and Safety of all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the publics)
  • To protect the environment from any significant impact of our present and planned operation,
  • To protect our assets
  • To consistently meet our agreed Customer requirements